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Two key questions: what outcome do you want? what's the best way of getting there? These training courses will help you answer both questions...

Who is the presentation for? Why is it being given? What key messages do you want to get across? And how will you do that for maximum impact?

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Presentation SkillsCourse Content

Before you start to prepare...

To begin at the beginning...5 key questions to ask, and to have an answer for, before you start to prepare...

Presentation outcomes

Only when you know the required outcomes, can you prepare a properly focused and purposeful presentation. And typically it will be an answer to one of these two questions: what do they want to know? What do I want to tell them?

Deciding and organising the content

Two issues here: deciding the relevant content; and deciding an appropriate structure, so the content flows in a logical and accessible way.

How to engage your audience

Clear outcomes, good content, appropriate structure - all will count for little unless the audience is engaged. So how do you grab and maintain their attention and interest? These training courses will give you plenty of options.


Ever been presenting and been put on the spot with questions that you don't know the answer to? Here are 4 tips to help next time...

Presentation problems...

So...despite all your best efforts, things can still go wrong, or fail, or just not be working - and typically that's when panic sets in. So here's how to minimise the likelihood of problems, and how to deal effectively with them should they occur.

Who is presentation skills training for?

Our presentation skills courses offer a start-to-finish set of guidelines, tips and techniques to help you give the best, most effective presentation you can. In particular these courses are helpful for anyone who wants to:

 - learning outcome Get the content and structure right.
 - learning outcome Engage the audience.
 - learning outcome Anticipate and prevent problems.
 - learning outcome Prevent panic attacks, brain freeze and a complete confidence melt down!

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Presentation SkillsTraining Activities

The short (90 minute) course will provide top tips to help you address the four key questions of who is it for; what are you trying to achieve; what content and structure do you need; and how to deliver the content in an engaging way. The half-day course opens up each of these 4 areas for a deeper discussion and the chance to practice key skills and techniques. And on the full day course, participants will be asked to test and develop their learning by providing their own 5-minute presentation (followed by constructive feedback).

Never 'death by powerpoint'

We always provide a variety of learning approaches in each of our workshops.

Each workshop typically includes learning input from the trainer, supported by a range of mixed media, interactive elements, discussion and group work. Most workshops also include case work and practical skill-development activities to apply the learning, with more time dedicated to this in the longer courses.

'Want more?' resource pack

In addition to providing a copy of any slide deck, we always provide a ‘want more’ section, of curated resources including book summaries, podcasts, downloads and articles.

facilitator’s ideas & suggestions
open discussion
reflection & consolidation
solo activities
presentation (solo or group)
core learning input
self directed research
paired activities
My attention can easily wander, but this was never the case here, largely due to the variety of learning approaches used. Never a dull moment!

What are the benefits of presentation skills training?

More confident in planning and delivering an effective presentation
More confidence in presenting
A toolbox of key tips, tools and techniques to select from
Knowing how to put things right if they go wrong

Presentation Skills Training Frequently Asked Quesitons

What makes for an effective presentation?

Probably two key factors are the most important: a clear outcome; and an engaging delivery.

How do I avoid being intimidated by the audience?

In almost every case, the audience is on your side: they want you to succeed. They will be satisfied if your presentation is on point, and engaging. Think about when you've been in the audience: what's helped, and what's hindered? Use that as your starting point...

How do I increase my confidence as a presenter?

Confidence is largely the result of two factors: enjoyment and experience. So it is very difficult to be a convincing presenter if you don't enjoy presenting, and have no experience! So - find a way of presenting that you enjoy and feel comfortable with, and can be enthusiastic about; and...practice!

Which of these presentation skills training courses should I choose?

The strong recommendation is for the full-day option; this will give you access to great ideas in the morning, which you can then practice (and get feedback on) in the afternoon.

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