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The only certainty is change: so how do you plan for, introduce and embed change?

Change is inevitable, but how anyone leads, manages or responds to change isn't. Too often change is criticised or blamed as a failure, when in fact, it was actually the result of poor leadership or lack of effective change management. In better hands, the change would have succeeded. These training workshops will help you lead or manage organisation change and transformation in a positive and effective way.

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Change Management Workshop Content

Planning & introducing change

What are your triggers for change? How will you measure success?... Who will you consult, and how?... and what factors will you take into account in planning the change?

Delivering & embedding change

Planning change is just the start... Now you have to make it happen on the ground, and keep it going... Here's how.

Reacting to change

What if the proposed change troubles you? how can you raise your concerns effectively, and then react positively even if it happens?

Managing resistance to change

Not everyone will welcome the change - and for a number of reasons. In these circumstances, what are your options, and how do you assess them? And do you have the confidence to manage such resistance?

Is the change transformational?

What does it take for any change to be truly transformational? What's the difference? And does any intended 'transformation' require a different set of strategies and skills?

Who is change management training for?

Our change management courses are ideal for those with responsibility for either making and leading a change, or for responding effectively to imposed change… whether the change is, or is intended to be, transformational. These courses are particularly relevant for anyone who wants to:

 - learning outcome Recognise and own their role and responsibilities in the change process
 - learning outcome Use the relevant stages of a 12-step process as a template for managing any change effectively
 - learning outcome Respond effectively to those who are resistant to the change
 - learning outcome Identify what makes any change transformational, and how to effectively manage such a transformation

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Change Management Workshop Activities

We are always happy to adapt both learning content and delivery style to match your specific needs, so treat this page as a starting point, and we'll adapt it to be just right.

Never 'death by powerpoint'

We always provide a variety of learning approaches in each of our workshops.

Each workshop typically includes learning input from the trainer, supported by a range of mixed media, interactive elements, discussion and group work. Most workshops also include case work and practical skill-development activities to apply the learning, with more time dedicated to this in the longer courses.

'Want more?' resource pack

In addition to providing a copy of any slide deck, we always provide a ‘want more’ section, of curated resources including book summaries, podcasts, downloads and articles.

core learning input
paired activities
your ideas & suggestions
good practice guide
reflection & consolidation
The course was over too quickly, and had definitely whetted my appetite. The ‘want more’ section was a brilliant additional support, allowing me to explore the topic further.

What are the benefits of change management training?

Greater confidence
More effective
New skills
Better reputation
Good buy in
Greater satisfaction

Change Management Training Frequently Asked Quesitons

Can all change be managed?

Yes - in the sense that whatever has caused a change - such as a natural disaster - there is always a response, and that needs to be managed. So change which has been deliberately initiated needs to be managed, and so does the response to unintended change.

What's the most important skill for managing change?

There probably isn't just one, for the whole change; more likely is the need for different skills at different stages of any change...

How can you decide if a change is transformational?

That's something considered in these workshops. Sometimes it is intentional, and sometimes accidental. We provide examples of each, and also the significant factors or outcomes that makes any change transformational.

Which of these workshops should I attend?

That depends on what you want. A strategic overview and key concepts and skills are provided in the first, short workshop; then those key skills are developed, along with a 12 step process, in the half day workshop; then in the full day workshop, a series of case studies allow the morning's learning to be put into practice in the afternoon.

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