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"On the wall, or on the ground?". Companies often publish and promote their core values - but are they present in employee behaviours?

To what extent are organisational values emotional sentiment, or specific actions that drive employee behaviour? There are three key issues here that these training courses will address: what are the organisation's values? if there are none, how should they be determined? and how can the organisation ensure value-based behaviours from their staff?

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Values Workshop Content

Creating values

What are values, and why are they important? Who should determine what the organisation's values are, and how?

Value-based behaviours

How do organisational values convert to everyday behaviours? And what if any the organisational values can't be demonstrated?


Do organisational values (one single set) have to align with individual values (one set for every employee)? What if they don't?

Values Agreement

Most discussions between managers and staff focus on tasks... This one focuses on what each person values from the other... a powerful tool to strengthen relationships.

Valuing & respecting others

What makes you feel valued or respected? Do you always value and respect others, and how do you show it? Easy to say, but not always easy to do…

Valuing EDI

To what extent does the organisation explicitly and implicitly value Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? This will include a case study in converting values into behaviours...

Who is organisational values training for?

Our organisational values training and facilitation is ideal for those who wish their organisation or team to be value-led, and to be able to create value based behaviours for themselves and their staff. The courses are particularly relevant for anyone who wants to:

 - learning outcome Create a set of values for their organisation.
 - learning outcome Create a meaningful set of value based behaviours.
 - learning outcome Conduct a successful and sustainable values agreement between the manager and their staff (as individuals or as a team).
 - learning outcome Work through a practical case study of creating value based behaviours to support EDI.

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Values Workshop Activities

The short course starts with top-level value setting: what are values, why are they important, and how is a single organisational set decided? In the half-day programme attention is focused on converting values into behaviours, and running a Values Agreement session. On the full day course the afternoon is devoted to a case study to convert EDI values into appropriate and real behaviours.

Never 'death by powerpoint'

We always provide a variety of learning approaches in each of our workshops.

Each workshop typically includes learning input from the trainer, supported by a range of mixed media, interactive elements, discussion and group work. Most workshops also include case work and practical skill-development activities to apply the learning, with more time dedicated to this in the longer courses.

'Want more?' resource pack

In addition to providing a copy of any slide deck, we always provide a ‘want more’ section, of curated resources including book summaries, podcasts, downloads and articles.

core learning input
open discussion
your ideas & suggestions
paired activities
solo activities
reflection & consolidation
My attention can easily wander, but this was never the case here, largely due to the variety of learning approaches used. Never a dull moment!

What are the benefits of organisational values training?

Options for creating a single set of organisational values
Clear strategy for converting values into behaviours
Know how to run a Values Agreement
Improved reputation attractive to potential recruits

Organisational Values Frequently Asked Quesitons

What are values and why are they important?

Roy Disney said "most decisions are easy when you know what your values are" - in other words, values can act as a filter through which decisions are passed and tested. By discussing what the word means, and asking people to come up with their own examples, a useful definition usually emerges...

Surely some values are difficult to convert into behaviours?

For a value to have meaning, it has to be demonstrated. For example, you cannot claim to value respect, without being able to demonstrate it. Values may not always be easy to measure, but they ought to be able to demonstrated.

What if there's disagreement between organisational and personal values?

Hopefully some attempt will be made to recognise the difference, and work to accommodate it where possible. But ultimately, if an individual cannot accept and deliver agreed organisational values, then their job and career opportunities may better lie elsewhere...

Which of these training courses would be best to attend?

The short course is good for undestanding the key concept and importance of values, and how they could be decided. The half day course is best for appreciating the connection between values and behaviours, and how and why they relate, with a practical activity to put the theory into practice. The full day adds the idea of of Values Agreement, and provides the time for the Agreement to be tried out in practice.

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