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Creating a Learning Culture
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Learning is more than just attending training courses (however good they might be!) and gaining formal qualifications. Learning is a state, a process, a set of skills, and an outcome. These training courses will cover all four.

In today's and tomorrow's world, the ability to learn will be an essential requirement. According to Dell Technologies, 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet. So perhaps the key future skill is the ability to learn - and for organisations, that is best achieved by building and sustaining a learning culture.

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Creating a Learning Culture Workshop Content

The four components of learning

Mindset, process, skills and outcomes. All four are essential for successful learning to take place. A self-assessment questionnaire will allow you to assess your organisation's current commitment and actions to each of these four.

Learning how you learn

How do you learn? Is it because your current approach works well, or is it just habit, or what you've been taught?... This set of practical activities will help you discover your preferred learning approach - and whether another option might be better...

Growth Mindset: understanding it

What is growth mindset, and why is it so important? Try the creative crossword to discover how much your mind is fixed or growth...

Your learning environment

A chance to reflect on how your environment may help or hinder your learning... Where, when & with whom do you learn best?

Creating a learning culture

Culture is usually defined as 'the way we do things around here' and much of that is informal, unofficial and real (as opposed to how it is meant to be). So a learning culture also has to be real, and the default setting for learning. We provide a checklist of specific actions that can build and sustain a real learning culture.

Who is learning culture training for?

Our creating a learning culture training courses are ideal for anyone who wants to examine how to build and sustain one. The courses are particularly helpful for anyone who wants to:

 - learning outcome Examine the four key components in more detail.
 - learning outcome Appreciate that different people have different learning preferences, and examine what they might be.
 - learning outcome Tailor a blend of learning approaches for different learning requirements.
 - learning outcome Identify and adopt a number of actions that will be necessary to create a learning culture.

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Creating a Learning Culture Workshop Activities

To begin with, the four key components will be identified and discussed, then a self-assessment will help participants consider their current situation. Examples of good practice will be given for each component, and eventually participants will given a comprehensive list of actions taken by others, from which they can build their own first draft action plan for creating a learning culture.

Never 'death by powerpoint'

We always provide a variety of learning approaches in each of our workshops.

Each workshop typically includes learning input from the trainer, supported by a range of mixed media, interactive elements, discussion and group work. Most workshops also include case work and practical skill-development activities to apply the learning, with more time dedicated to this in the longer courses.

'Want more?' resource pack

In addition to providing a copy of any slide deck, we always provide a ‘want more’ section, of curated resources including book summaries, podcasts, downloads and articles.

tools & templates
paired activities
core learning input
reflection & consolidation
your ideas & suggestions
group activities
self-assessment questionnaire
The course was over too quickly, and had definitely whetted my appetite. The ‘want more’ section was a brilliant additional support, allowing me to explore the topic further.

What are the benefits of learning culture training?

Knowing what makes for a good learning culture
Assessing your own organisation's rating as a learning culture
Access to a wide list of successful examples used elsewhere
Creating a workable action plan

Learning Culture Frequently Asked Quesitons

Is self-managed learning a key component?

Absolutely - it is included as one of the four key components - how people learn.

Does 'self-managed' learning get organisations off the hook?

No. Although the term seems to imply that the learning is entirely owned by the individual, a good oranisation with a learning culture plays an important role - for example, in making the learning material and opportunities available, and in a variety of formats to suit a variety of learning preferences; and/or by giving individuals flexibility - or a time or money budget - to carry out such learning at work, or in work time.

Isn't learning just a natural part of life - can it be over-managed?

It is part of life - it is a powerful evolutionary drive for survival. But life alone may not give you all the learning - to test this, draw up two lists: everything that you have learned accidentally, from life; and everything you have learned from a conscious choice. Whatever the balance, the point is: there will be something on both lists...

Which of these courses should I take?

The bite-size course gives a clear overview of the four key components, and runs a self-assessment questionnaire to allow participants to take stock; the half day course provides further information on each of these four, including successful examples of each from a range of organisations. The full day programme provides an extensive checklist of possible actions to take to build and sustain a learning culture, from which the participants can build their first draft action plan,

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Book Review:

by Kirsty Bashforth

The book takes you through the key stages of building and maintaining a corporate culture, and there are scores of case studies to provide examples.
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