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A long word for 'help': these training courses will help you do that, effectively...

Sometimes a meeting, or away day, needs someone to 'facilitate'; but if it's simply the most senior person there, or whoever organised the event, it may not be done all that well; these training programmes will help you become an excellent facilitator.

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Facilitation Skills Workshop Content

How to manage an event...

Think meeting, workshop, away day...common events that always need someone to 'manage' them. But there are at least 6 ways in which that role can be delivered - one of which is facilitation. We'll describe each role, and when it might be most appropriate...

The facilitator's role: why, what, when and how...

...we'll then look at the facilitator role in more detail. What's its purpose, what does a facilitator do; when would a facilitator be most helpful; and what skills does a facilitator need to do the role well?

Facilitation skills

An in-depth look at the key skills required, and an opportunity to practice them in work-relevant scenarios.

Facilitation techniques

A handy toolkit of facilitation techniques to help you up your game… including managing conflict, clarifying roles and positive intervention.

Virtual facilitation

What difference might it make to a facilitator if the meeting or event is online?

Who is facilitator training for?

Our facilitation skills training is ideal for those who want to understand the facilitator role, and want to know or improve key facilitation skills and techniques. These training courses are particularly helpful if someone wants to:

 - learning outcome Clarify their understanding of what the role means, and what it requires to be successful.
 - learning outcome Learn how a facilitator resists any pressures to be less independent and take key decisions.
 - learning outcome Encourage or require the rest of those present to take more ownership.
 - learning outcome Deal effectively with challenges to the way the role is being delivered, and/or to any conflict arising within the meeting or event.

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Facilitation Skills Workshop Activities

The 90-minute course will clarify the facilitator role, and compare it with other ways of 'managing' group meetings or events. It will outline the key purpose, skills and contexts for such a role. The half-day course will also look at key skills and techniques in more depth, and how to deal with typical difficulties produced in any meeting. The full day will then provide all participants with the opportunity to facilitate a range of meetings, and get feedback.

Never 'death by powerpoint'

We always provide a variety of learning approaches in each of our workshops.

Each workshop typically includes learning input from the trainer, supported by a range of mixed media, interactive elements, discussion and group work. Most workshops also include case work and practical skill-development activities to apply the learning, with more time dedicated to this in the longer courses.

'Want more?' resource pack

In addition to providing a copy of any slide deck, we always provide a ‘want more’ section, of curated resources including book summaries, podcasts, downloads and articles.

open discussion
good practice guide
role play & simulation
core learning input
group activities
reflection & consolidation
your ideas & suggestions
My attention can easily wander, but this was never the case here, largely due to the variety of learning approaches used. Never a dull moment!

What are the benefits of facilitator training?

Greater understanding of the role, and when to use it
Learn key facilitation skills
Facilitate professionaly & with confidence
Manage meetings more effectively

Facilitation Training Frequently Asked Quesitons

What does a facilitator do?

They will 'manage' a meeting in a particular way, that is different from other ways of 'managing' meetings or events. Essentially they take ownership and responsibility for the process of running the meeting, but not its content or decisions - which belong to the members.

When is it useful to be a facilitator?

It's often difficult for someone to manage a meeting and at the same time make contributions to the discussion; concentrating on one may minimise their contribution to the other. Either they facilitate well and don't make a contribution to the debate, or they take full part in the debate and fail to manage the meeting in an independent way.

Are meetings better if managed by a facilitator?

Generally yes. The facilitator concentrates exclusively on the how of the meeting, ensuring such things as clear recording, timekeeping and keeping to the agenda; this allows the members of the meeting to concentrate on the content of the debate itself. Generally the facilitator needs key skills to make this happen effectively.

Which of these facilitation training courses is the best to start with?

It depends: the 90-minute course provides an overview of the role; the half day course also develops key skills and techniques - then the full day course also provides scenarios to allow participants to practice those skills and techniques.

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